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 The Steel Gym - VictinisRage

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PostSubject: The Steel Gym - VictinisRage   Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:04 am

The Steel Gym Rules:

- Single battle, No Res and we use level 100 Pokemon.
- Sleep clause
- Evasion clause
- You're not allowed to use lucky items such as quick claws, brightpowder, etc.
- You're not allowed to use the following moves:
Explosion, Selfdestruct, Fissure, Sheer cold, Horn drill and any 0hk0 moves.
- Species Clause
- You're also not allowed to use "tricky Pokemon" such as aron, the pre evo of whimsicott, rattata, magikarp etc.
- Ubers are not allowed.

No forfeiting in the middle of the battle, Battles must be finished till the end.

If you lose you must wait to challenge me again the NEXT day, as other challengers may wish to challenge me and i cant keep on battling one individual

I hope you have a good time challenging me.

These are the challengers who have either won or lost-



Post here if you wish to challenge me ^_^
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The Steel Gym - VictinisRage
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