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 The House of Evasion-Ghost Gym of Game

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Gym Leader/Elite 4
Gym Leader/Elite 4

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PostSubject: The House of Evasion-Ghost Gym of Game   Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:54 pm

Hello there challenger....if you have the guts to challenge me and destroy your sanity you have to accept the rules....But one warning battling me can destroy your physical ability, your brain and your soul will be given to me...These are the riiiiiks.... And these will sure happen if you will lose......But if you will win then the gods and the spirits of nightmares and killing energy will be with you for all eternity, sleeping inside my precious Insanity Badge....First you will enter my house of Evasion...as I want to call it....The House of Insanity....There everything will be judged from your evil or pure soul....
Come closer...so the spirits will whispers into your heart and into the deep depths of your soul the rules of my gym...

The Ghost Gym Rules:

- Single battle- Nothing else....just pure energy of one pokemon vs another- No Res and we use level 100 Pokemon.- Of course lvl 100, not weak pathetic weaklings.
- Sleep clause is banned of course, the sleepy time will be only with one pokemon sleeping per time until ti will wake up.
- Evasion clause- I don't want to see any evasions or you'll die!
- You're not allowed to use lucky items such as quick claws, brightpowder, etc.. Not luck, just pure power and evil energy to decide the winner,
- You're not allowed to use the following moves:
Explosion, Selfdestruct, Fissure, Sheer cold, Horn drill and any 0hk0 moves.-These moves are for cowards! We will play fair so I will able to drink your soul
- Species Clause-Use them and your soul will be suffering into hell.
- You're also not allowed to use "tricky Pokemon" such as aron, the pre evo of whimsicott, rattata, magikarp etc.-These pokemon are just some of piece of shit for the pathetic trainers that are available to battle!
- Ubers are not allowed.- If i catch you using an uber, then this uber your using will struggle your eyes out and eat your heart!

No forfeiting in the middle of the battle, Battles must be finished till the end.-Don't be some cheap pathetic losers! Battle until the end with pride for losing all sanity!

If you lose you must wait to challenge me again the NEXT day, as other challengers may wish to challenge me and i cant keep on battling one individual. I can't battle all the weaklings in one day! Lose your sanity and die inside and then train and come the next day to suffer!

Here, in this small house of killing you will read these rules and write them with blood on your head and here, on this deadly topic you will post with blood your name and your challenge to battle me! Good luck dead souls of hell!

In this board made of human skulls and bones will be written the names of the very few people who did it and kept their sanity and became friend of the spirits of the sacred badge and the pathetic homosapiens who died miserably losing their sanity and power!

Winners of hell:

Losers of bastardy:

Come and challenge me here as I said, if you wish losing your mind and dying with your bones smashing inside and your life burning and melting around!

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The House of Evasion-Ghost Gym of Game
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