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 Water Type Gym

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PostSubject: Water Type Gym   Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:31 pm

Yeah, I'm Swampertmaster22. I have been designated as the Water Gym of Aura Masters, as well as the only faithful member who remains from the original Aura(this site is not it). Throughout this time, my water types have constantly improved, making me stronger with each tweak. Now I have honed my skills enough to take the place of gym leader. So challenger? You want my Tide Badge, but do you really believe that you can defeat me? Don't let my riptides pull you out to sea!

The Water Gym Rules consist of:
-Single Battle
-All rules shown on the left hand side of this site

After the battle:
-Win: You recieve my Tide Badge as well as your name on the list below, proving your victory.
-Lose: You may challenge me to a rematch, however, it must take place the next day after your loss.

Challenger Victories:


OBJECTION! There is a contradiction in your testimony. You obvoiusly cannot beat me.
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Water Type Gym
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