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 January 11th to January 18th - Swellow

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PostSubject: January 11th to January 18th - Swellow   Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:47 pm

Swellow is such an awesome bird Very Happy

This post dedicated to aeroga Very Happy


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PostSubject: January 11th to January 18th - Swellow   Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:44 am

Swellow is an awesome Pokemon, with a great moveset.

"So I Herd You Liek Guts?"

Guts @ Jolly.
Item Flame Orb/Toxic Orb.
Evs - 252 Speed, 252 Attack.
Moves - U Turn, Facade, Brave Bird and Pursuit/Roost.

U Turn is used for scouting and once guts kicks in, U turn does a nice chunk of damage. Brave Bird is for STAB and also due to its high power attack, due the recoil can make you use it sparingly. Facade is STAB ANB, once the orb kicks in, Facade doubles in power, gets STAB and tears apart anything not not resisting Swellow, such as a Scizor or Gengar. Pursuit is used to finish if frail ghosts such as Gengar or weak psychic's like Alakazam. You can however use Roost if you fear the recoil and orb damage,

Partners - Swellow work perfectly with Magenzone as, if they are carrying HP Fire, they eleminate Swellow's steel threat and electricity threat. Mangenzone is merely one example, you can also use any other bulky steel types, such as Scizor.

Taking out Swellow, Heatran works perfectly in taking out Swellow, as it resists all of swllows moves AND is able to cripple steels who come to oppose it.
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January 11th to January 18th - Swellow
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